Urban-Armour (U-A) is the manifestation of one-of-a-kind hand wrought art jewelry utilizing 95%  recycled iron, fine gold, and fine silver.  It is the consummation of a lifetime of skills, experiences, insights, and beliefs by it’s creator, metalsmith and goldsmith, Chris Nelson.  His vision is to create and perpetuate works of jewelry of “indestructible substance and beauty,” using mostly “green” techniques and materials  with minimal carbon footprints.

The use of iron has evolved through the centuries from simple tools, armor, and weapons, to bridges, skyscrapers, industrial equipment, which paved the way for the Industrial Revolution and development of society as we know it.  Today, it’s strength and durability has been acknowledged and utilized finding its way into sculpture and jewelry as well as cutting-edge automobile design.  Unfortunately in contemporary society, plastics and other toxic substances have replaced iron and more natural materials.  Iron is permanent, light, strong, beautiful, elegant...just ask any de Lorean auto owner.

Chris Nelson

Chris began his goldsmithing career in 2000 and has studied under some of the most influential and highly respected art jewelry metalsmiths in the US.  Mastery of several torches, alloying high-karat golds, fusing dissimilar metals, understanding metallurgy and chemistry, and exploring hand-applied textures and patinas have lead to the creation of Urban-Armour.  Chris discovered the ancient Japanese technique, Zougan, to be a perfect process for applying fine gold and silver to iron and other non-precious metals on his jewelry. The work now includes a palette of 7 distinct gold alloys fused to highly hand-textured iron at temperatures approaching 2000 degrees F.

The original iron and gold pieces by Chris debuted at the 2009 Salida Riverside Arts Festival where Chris was honored with the First Place Award for 3D work.  His collections have evolved further with cold and hot forging of iron, intense hand applied textures and engravings, and specially formulated high-karat gold alloys fused to the iron.  Pieces often incorporate several colors/alloys of gold from 12k to 24k.  Raw diamonds, rubies and other quality gemstones are frequently applied to his work.

Chis is a nature enthusiast living a simple lifestyle, promoting the need for adornment which can withstand outdoor active wear while still be worn in an urban environment. The concept of Urban-Armour was conceived to symbolize the personal protection that jewelry can convey, “distinct indestructible art jewelry for those with extreme lifestyles.”  His jewelry can be worn in the morning rock-climbing and in the evening to the opera.

Urban-Armour jewelry begs to be worn to understand its “indestructible substance and beauty.”  

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